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The Australian motorcycling culture is booming, but many of the more exotic models are expensive and hard to come by, especially if you are looking for a classic. Martian Motors can help put that ultimate toy in your garage. We work exclusively with GP Star, one of the finest dealers in exclusive and exotic motorcycles in the United States. The have an extensive inventory of bikes in stock, and access to some of the most sought after machines on the planet. They have dealt in everything from Vincent Black Shadows to John Koscinki's Cagiva V591 to a Britten V1000. They also offer a complete range of production race bikes including new A-kit level machines, as well as some of the most wicked custom Harley's you'll find.

We will combine their access to the elite circles of motorcycling with our knowledge of the Australian import regulations to help secure you the best deal on your new prize. Enjoy one of the best riding climates in the world on the back of a bike worthy of the scene.

Recently released, the latest wonder toy from Bimota is the DB7, and Martian Motors has access to them new in-the-crate for delivery to your door. Check out our Bimota page for more information.

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